Here at Kent Sports Academy we provide a variety of courses at a range of levels for you to choose from to help you enhance your skills and knowledge about personal training. 

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Fitness Instructor - Gym Based (Online only)

level 2

Starting a career in the fitness industry? this is the course for you, you can move on to Personal Training or Kettlebells

Circuit Training

level 2

2 day course focusing on learning how to competently plan and instruct a circuit session.


level 2

1 day course providing you with the knowledge to run your own Kettlebell sessions.

Olympic Weight Lifting

2 day course guiding you to understand the principles of Olympic Lifting – Snatch & Clean and Jerk. These very complex lifts, compared to your average gym exercise will offer a great variety and safe way to train your clients (and you) Use that lifting platform for the reason it was put there and not just to deadlift.


Online Personal Training Qualification

1 day course, where students will learn how to create a plan and instruct their own cycling class.

Diploma in Personal Training

level 3

If you hold no fitness qualifications and wish to pursue a career in the fitness industry this is the starting point. Includes Level 2 Fitness Instructor and Level 3 PT.

Certificate in Personal Training (Online only)

level 3

For those that hold a current Level 2 Fitness Instructor qualification and wish to progress onto a career in Personal Training.

Exercise Referral

level 3

Knowledge of medical conditions, medications and there effects on exercising. This course also gives you access to level 4 qualifications.

Sports Massage

Level 3

Learn how to start offering Sports Massage to clients not just fitness fanatics but team or office workers.


Sports Massage

Level 4

Understand common injuries or dysfunctions. advanced assessment and massage techniques to have more confidence when clients.

Lower Back Pain & Exercise Management

Level 4

Understand the issues relating to back pain and how you can offer specialist exercise to this group over the long term and use assessment to establish how this currently affect their lives.

Obesity, Diabetes Mellitus & Weight Management

Level 4

Understand how your clients body changes when obese or diabetic. the implication of exercise and designing a safe plan forward to help offer a better quality of life.

New - Posture Assessment & Corrective Exercise

Level 4

Looking into how the body must move and how the exercise must focus on benefiting the clients to move correctly for health benefits or injury prevention. Personal Trainers and Sports Massage Therapist


Sports Massage

Level 5

Building on the level 5 assessment and advanced techniques. neurological assessment and more complex injury/dysfunctions related conditions.


Education & Training

Level 3

2 day course teaching a variety of skills to independently plan and teach your subject.


Level 3

Giving you the skills access vocational achievement in different scenarios.


Level 4

Teaching you the skills to assess internal quality assurance (IQA).

First Aid at Work

Level 3

First aid at work course designed for fitness and other working environments.

Start up your Business


1 day workshop giving you advice on setting up and planning your business model.