Level 4 Posture Assessment & Corrective Exercise​

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Coming soon – Spring 2022

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This newly added course is one that bridges the gap with your client in either Sports Massage (level 4 or 5 only), Personal Training (Level 3 or 4), Pilates Matwork or Strength & Conditioning. Do you really know the anatomy when a client is not moving correctly or do you even notice the finer detail of when they are in a correct movement pattern? If you find yourself just using more reps, or higher weights to get people fitter or correct movement. This will help justify ‘you‘ earning a higher rate and show clients that programming exercises to build solid foundations so as not to cause injury not just red-lining your PT client every week. Sports Massage therapists can offer your client a better assessment and bespoke aftercare to compliment the treatment and help build, not only their confidence in you but themselves.

Using special tests, static and movement posture observations linked to dysfunctions understanding how to correct a posture. Once established, you will also gain how to use, foam rollers, lacrosse balls, elastic bands, stability discs (Do you find yourself not really grasping the true use of these and just rolling around with no understanding) and exercises to bring your PT sessions or aftercare treatment to a higher standard.

As a Sports Massage Therapist, you learn to treat the client hands-on but the aftercare knowledge you gain from this course accurately link the exercise to the treatment and also aid the development of your client.

As a Personal Trainer, you will be able to assess and justify what specific exercises your client needs by understanding the movement patterns with the understanding to add this to your sessions.

As a Strength & Conditioning or Pilates coach, you will be able to understand the specific nature of the individual movements and combine this with the ability to blend your current skill set with your specialist.

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Covering subjects include

This course will develop the learner’s skills, competency, knowledge and application in posture Analysis and corrective exercise.
Unit 1 – Anatomy and physiology for human movement
Unit 2 – Assessing client posture and identifying specific joint movement and dysfunction
Unit 3 – Developing corrective exercise strategies for managing posture and movement dysfunction
Inhibitory techniques: Self-myofascial release
Lengthening techniques: Various stretching methodologies
Isolated strengthening/activation exercises
Integrated strengthening exercises
*Although there are palpation assessments and physical contact to enable joint assessment, this is not a qualification to allow you to carry out sports massage unless you are already qualified in sports massage.

Course Assessment outline

Practical Assessments
Palpation Tasks
Case Study

Sports Massage Course Duration

4 days workshop over the dates below. Importantly you will need to allow extra time to study/practice to develop the skills. Before the course starts, you will also need to complete the assessments.

Sports Massage Requirements

The learners must be adults (18+). Learners must hold one of the following (or equivalent):

  • L3 Diploma or Certificate in Personal Training.
  • L3 Certificate in Personal Training.
  • L4 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy.
  • L4 Strength and Conditioning.

Course Price Includes

Teaching face-to-face days

Course Workshop

Day 1 – Understanding movement dysfunction and related musculature
Day 2 – Located bony landmarks, specific movement tests and myofascial techniques
Day 3 – Understanding the principles of exercise correction and planning for clients
Day 4 – Joint specific & Palpation tests Assessment


£1100 if paying in full (Discounted)


Kent Sports Academy, Epps Building, Bridge Road, Ashford, Kent TN23 1BB