frequently asked questions

It is important that you have a strong interest in health and fitness with a desire to pursuing a career within the industry, so you will probably have a certain level of fitness. Our courses are designed to teach you how to be an excellent instructor and at no time will your fitness level determine your progress on any of our courses.

Our courses run between 9:30am – 4pm. The duration of your course will vary, you will be sent confirmation within 24 hours of booking a course. We do expect all of our students to stay for the duration of the day to ensure they do not miss out on any vital learning.

Once you have successfully completed all required elements of your course, you will recieve you eCertificate with 12 weeks. this is often quicker but due to being a regulated qualification we are subject to random checks. this can hold things up but often the certificate will be 4-8 weeks. you technically aren’t qualified until you receive your eCertificate.

In the unlikely case that you are unsuccessful with your assessment you can organise to retake this at a later date. There is a fee for a practical re-assessment and theory re-assessment. Tutor support is available on a one to one basis at extra cost.

A number of our students who have trained with us have been working in full time employment. Many of our courses take place at weekends and we have a variety of learning formats to ensure that courses can be taken in conjunction with a full-time job without the need to take time off work. We also have a high percent of over 25 and 50+ on our courses.

Insurance is a MUST for any fitness role and we strongly advise it for employed instructors. There are a large number of reputable companies who offer public liability insurance. We advise a few places to gain quotes from when you receive are course booking information. 

Active IQ, VTCT, YMCA Awards & Focus Awards are the awarding organisations for our qualifications and our courses are recognised by REP’s (fully recognised within UK). The qualifications also have worldwide recognition with countries that have signed up to eREPs including countries within the European Union and ICREPs such as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

In other countries, you may be required to complete an assessment if the qualification is not recognised but not always complete the whole course.

Most employers will not specify which training organisations you should have trained with, however their concern is that your qualification is recognised by REP’s or CIMPSPA. All of our qualifications are REPs & CIMSPA recognised. 

The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs)  & Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity  (CIMSPA) is a regulatory body for fitness qualifications. Through gaining qualifications with Kent Sports Academy, you will be eligible to join the REPs & CIMSPA and have an industry-wide recognition for you qualification.

You Must be over 16 years and above to train with us. There are certainly no upper age limits to training for a career in fitness and within the industry there is a market for good instructors of any age. majority that book with us are between 25-50 on any course. 

There are a number of opportunities for employment within the industry many often create there own opportunity by setting up their own business or being persistent with health clubs/gyms they you want to work with. We also post regularly for positions from therapy or fitness when the companies contact us. make sure you follow us and like are pages on social media.

This will open early opportunities, on top of you putting yourself out there. 

We are friendly and have experienced teachers to make your course fun and educational. We have been delivering courses for over the past 12 years. We understand that people have busy lives and learn in different way, so we offer a variety of learning formats to best suit these. Our expertise is evident both before you enrol and whilst you are studying one of our courses, we also offer courses to develop your skills and maximise the earning potential for your business. Once you have completed the course we will offer support as you move your career into the industry. Just because you have finished doesn’t mean you can’t ask for advice!

We even have a closed group for those that wish for a regular helping hand.

Yes – We have teamed up with NewPay. Please see the dedicated page in NewPay FAQ’s – Click here 

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