Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training


Dates Level 3 Workshop Dates (Choose one) – 27th & 28th July 2020, 28th & 29th September 2020, 23rd & 24th November 2020, 22nd & 23rd February 2021, 26th & 27th April 2021, 28th & 29th June 2021, 27th & 28 September 2021, 29th & 30 November 2021, February 2022.

Practical Assessment Days (Chose one date after your workshop) – Weekday – 20th July 2020, Weekend – 27th June 2020, 22nd August 2020, 26th September 2020, 24th October 2020, 21st November 2020, 23rd January 2021, 20th February 2021.

Theory Exam Days (Chose one date when your ready -must be within 6 months of starting) – 28th August 2020 or 25th September 2020 or 23rd October 2020 or 27th November 2020 or 29th January 2021 or 26th February 2021 or 26th March 2021. Currently exams can be taken at home due to covid-19. This is a temporary option, once booked email us when you are ready to take the exams.


We treat you like a PT Client, we discuss the way you will reach your goal (Course work) and set you realistic targets to pass the course.

Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training course is designed with flexibility in mind like any of our courses. This course is offered as a part time option consisting of 2 practical teaching days 9:30am-4:30pm plus 1 practical assessment days.

We provide you with a hard copy Manual specific to the course, delivered to your door, all the course work is completed electronically and feedback given when the marked work is returned. We use phone, Zoom or email to communicate with you based on your preference or needs

Kent Sport Academy understands the values of being taught clearly and concisely to give you the best opportunity starting your new career. The time set over each day will be set depending on the groups needs .

To ensure you are comfortable in your understanding of the theory and practical elements, full support is available to assist learners when help is required.

Course Modules Include:
  • Anatomy and Physiology for Exercise
  • Applying Principles of Nutrition
  • Programming Personal Training clients
  • Delivering Personal Training sessions
  • Health, safety and welfare in a fitness environment
  • Principles of exercise, fitness and health
  • Know how to support clients who take part in exercise and physical activity.
Course Format

Our Certificate in Personal Training course will include a 2 days workshop, the remaining time is allocated to online and Zoom sessions, this is for people who already hold a level 2 in fitness instruction. If you don’t hold a level 2, the Level 3 Diploma in Fitness Instruction (Gym Based) & Personal Training covers both at a further discounted rate. You could also add other qualifications to the basket to build your ideal package.

Following the Personal Training course you will be able to:

Gather and analyse information to plan and adapt a personal trainer programme to ensure client success. Use personal training skills and strategies to successfully motivate and inspire clients to change their behaviour. Set out an effective and ethical weight management programme for personal trainer clients and get real results.

Personal Trainer Level 3 Entry Requirements:

Level 3 Personal Trainer course is designed to take students who are just starting out in the fitness industry to make you safe and effective. Students will need to be at least 16 years old with reasonable level of fitness, and experience of using gym equipment will be an advantage. The ability to read, write with numeracy skills and hold a Level 2 Fitness Instructor qualification to meet the course requirements.

Personal Trainer Qualification

Focus Awards Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training

Progression Routes
  • Level 3 Business Skills
  • Level 3 Sports Massage
  • Level 3 Exercise Referral
  • Level 3 Online Personal Trainer
Course Price includes
  • Course registration
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer Certificate
  • Course Manual
  • Course assessment fees & assessment
  • Eligible for Level 3 Personal Trainer Status on CIMSPA

£1100 full payment (reduced compared to finance option)


Total payable £1200 – £120 deposit & £90 over 12 months interest free (Subject to conditions- with Tabeo Finance)

Please ensure you hold a valid Level 2 Fitness Instruction Certificate before booking.


Ashford, Kent