Level 3 & 4 (Combined) Diploma in Massage Therapy for Sports



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Practical Workshop dates (9:30am-4:00pm)-

04/22 – Full

05/22 – 9th 10th 24th July, 6th 7th 21st August, 3rd 4th 17th 18th September, 1st 2nd 15th 16th 29th 30th October 2022

06/23 – 21st 22nd January, 4th 5th 18th 19th February, 4th 5th 18th 19th March, 13th 14th May 2023

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Level 3 & Level 4 Sports Massage

This entry Sports Massage course is a stimulating and hands-on course that will give you the skills you need to start a rewarding career working with clients within or outside the sporting industry in massage. Due to covid-19 in 2020/21, we are only offering levels 3 & 4 combined to focus on fewer students but offer more quality time and the bonus of gaining both level 3 & 4 knowledge.

You will also have potential access to a clinic at the academy where public members can book a concession rate massage with qualified students to help gain more practice and earn a percentage from their treatment. This will also help you focus on the business side to try and gain rebooking and regular clients. It isn’t a supervised clinic due to only qualified students being part of the clinic; you will potentially have access (Subject to availability and commitment) to your time slot(s) to treat pre-booked clients to build your time and early client base, this is discussed more on the course. Visit our clinic page here.

The focus of sports massage is the ability to help alleviate aches and pains through various massage techniques. You can effectively deal with various musculoskeletal problems; it will aid recovery, reduce symptoms/pain, and improve sporting performance.

The tutor, Andy Davis, has ten years of experience working in rugby, his injury clinic. Mark has worked at a university clinic treating his clients for many years. Andy teaches level 3, 4 & 5 sports massage courses and is the tutor main for level 5 sports massage. You will be taught a variety of techniques and methods to ensure you have the knowledge and skill to pass the course and have the confidence to start creating your own clients.

Real-life experience gives you insight into how to work as a sports massage therapist while on the course. This will also include making sure you are ready to upskill to level 4 Sports massage in the same course. From experience, level 3 students who qualify only want to return and do level 4 at extra cost. Those that do level 4 are far more confident too. This translates into better quality treatments.

The average fee for a sports massage is between £25-45 for a 30-minute massage.  Students who succeed in their business gain confidence through their qualifications. They also look at marketing and advertising themselves, follow other therapists on social media formats. While completing the course to give themselves the best opportunity to hit the ground running and learn. This is also discussed in the course.

This qualification will complement a personal trainer’s career, offering another service and expertise to the personal trainer’s client base. The role of a sports massage therapist is to provide a professional service to all clients. This will include a client assessment/consultation, sports massage treatment, soft tissue techniques, and post-treatment advice. We recommend looking at First aid if you do not have this already.

Please note the difference due to covid-19 we are only offering combined level 3 & 4 courses together at a reduced price if you book early.  With level 4, you can diagnose common injuries and dysfunctions. Level 3 is just sports massage for healthy individuals specific to their needs, not any advanced techniques or diagnosis.

Other benefits are the number of free massages you get while booked on the course. A regulatory body is also worth looking at to help guide you when new regulations are brought in. Look at the STA once qualified.

Covering subjects include

    • Anatomy and Physiology for massage and exercise
    • Applying sports massage techniques
    • Assessing clients and treatment planning
    • Assisting soft tissue repair
    • Professional practice in sports massage
    • Providing pre-& post Massage techniques

Assessed by

Practical examination and treatments.
Following the Sports Massage course, you will be able to:
Gather and analyse information about a client and apply various massage techniques. Advice on exercises, understand the structure and function of the anatomy to your clients and treat them with confidence.


We advise doing the course as quickly as possible to maintain and keep fresh what you have learned. We mean book early, make a start on the theory work to help prepare you for the course. This way, the information stays fresh. You have electronic manuals to start the coursework with; then, we hand you hard copy manuals on day 1.

You will need a massage couch to ensure you can practice outside the workshops. We recommend you plan your study time too.
You will also need to complete all workshops to gain the experience & knowledge before doing your assessment (Assessed throughout the course – Plus one exam, multiple-choice).


The learners must be 18 and over.

There are no entry requirements. However, the course does require some physical activity, so learners must be fit and healthy. The course will include discussions, presentations, reading and writing, so the learner should have these basic requirements. This endorsed course is also available to Beauty Therapists wishing to add Sports Massage to their skill set.

Price Includes:

Course Registration

Level 3 & 4 Sports Massage Therapy Certificate

Course Manuals for each level

Course assessment fees and assessments (Retakes are an extra cost of £85, if applicable).


Full price £2750 – Please subscribe to our newsletter for a discount code before booking.


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05/22 – 9th 10th 24th July, 6th 7th 21st August, 3rd 4th 17th 18th September, 1st 2nd 15th 16th 29th 30th October 2022, 06/23 – 21st 22nd January, 4th 5th 18th 19th February, 4th 5th 18th 19th March, 13th 14th May 2023