High quality coaches delivering progressive courses

Kent Sports Academy is based in Ashford, Kent, supplying approved REP’s registered Focus Awards, YMCA Awards, Active IQ, and VTCT Approved courses aimed at those looking for careers within the sports and fitness industry or those pursuing their dreams of running their own business.

We plan our courses in small groups and include specific attendance days to give you all the skills to pass the course and fixed assessment date. We believe in giving you what you need, but you will be required to study or practice in your own time. All the tutors have a wide range of experience and qualifications, but they want you to get qualified and get out there into the industry.

We provide courses to suit everyone, whether you are starting a career within the leisure and fitness industry, seeking to gain your first qualification or furthering your knowledge within the industry. Kent Sports Academy also provides courses to teach and assist you with setting up your business. This is central to being a PT and starting your own business!

Get your fitness career moving

Do you have a plan once you are qualified? Do you know what things cost from marketing to buying specific equipment? How do you find clients? What is it like to work employed or self-employed? We are not going to promise to find you work. As with any business, you have to go out there and get it with a plan and focus, we don’t want to give false promises. 

All our staff have gone out there and made it work in many different ways, they enjoy their job and get amazing job satisfaction! We work on honesty and don’t leave you with an on-line way of learning as our first choice of teaching you a practical job from your sofa…. Yes you have to study as you will always have to do to gain knowledge. Everyone has a day they will be able to work towards to pass the course. Give us a call we prefer to talk and make sure you book onto the right course so you can get your plan started asap.

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