Personal Training


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PT/Rehab Sessions
10 x 50-minutes – £550
50 mins – £65
30 mins – £45

10-week Package – £1500
Two 1-2-1 sessions a week plus daily nutrition, daily exercise/nutrition goals, specific App to track progress on your phone (Call for more information). The next course starts January 2022

Subscription – Bespoke monthly training via an app, no 1-2-1. Exercise with confidence, and communicate with your dedicated coach.

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With so many gym options, membership options, online coaching, apps and choosing someone to help you can be daunting. We help focus the first session on movement at your own level and ability with a mix of 1-2-1 training and education to help move you towards your goal with an aim of you being able to apply what you have learnt over 10 weeks, our most popular option.

To be honest, most people come to us and only have the idea they want to get fitter, healthier and lose some weight. This is fine as we wouldn’t expect you to know, that is how we help you too.

Once you have completed 10 weeks, we would love for you to continue with us but we also offer other options based on your improvement over this time to suit you.

Personal Training
Work 1-2-1 with a Trainer simply by booking block sessions. We even offer 1 session a month and a monthly bespoke plan via an app to keep you focused on a monthly subscription to train at your own gym.

Do you go to the gym and wonder if you are doing the right thing for your aches and pains?
We can do one-off sessions to correct and send you away with exercises to help improve things or just give you the confidence to train in your current gym.

We welcome small groups (3 Max) to exercise with a trainer in our private studio, this helps spread the cost out too.

Injury Specific
Take advantage of hands-on treatment (Sports Therapy) and the option of Shockwave Therapy, Dry Needling, Deep Tissue Massage to give you the best chance of recovery and linked with rehabilitation exercises to get you back on track. We have successful outcomes with Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow, Back Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Knee Pain, Neck Pain, Achilles Tendonitis and more also relating to sporting or work-related injuries ‘Niggles’ that affect you every day.

  • Why are we any different?
    The honest answer is you never know until you try. However, we are experienced, degree qualified in many different disciplines and mainly work of referrals from current or previous individuals that have utilised our services.
  • What type of exercise/training do we do?
    This is different for everyone, we don’t use the ‘Shout until you die’ approach. We focus on the correct technique first then push you when we know you are ready. Everyone is an individual and will be treated like one, our bodies are different in so many ways. How you do an exercise will be slightly different from anyone else, not just what a textbook or google said you should do.
  • What are the cost and options? 
    Flexibility is what’s needed and we have different payment methods to suit.

Our most popular program is the 10-week exercise & education, to kick start your health. Lose weight, feel energised and learn how to continue on your own should you wish to switch to our monthly plan a train elsewhere individually still under our guidance.

We have a very limited offering due to the demand and success of results.

What have you got to lose by just contacting us by email or call us on 07909 703631