Level 3 Online Personal Trainer

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15th February 2021
12th April 2021
23rd August 2021
23rd November 2021



Being a qualified Personal Trainer, as with most professions is always evolving.

Working face to face with clients in their own home or working back to back with clients at the gym. Potentially, you become limited in your capacity to work more hours, in turn the income can become limited.

This course explores the different options around online training to build subscriptions, design special plans or and the ability to access and train more clients in a way that is bespoke to your ideas. Social media has its place along with dedicated website or apps that can help you handle multiple clients (and from anywhere in the world too). How can you build this in to your business?

We are not going to give you the answers, this is to develop your thoughts/ideas. You ‘could’ makes hundreds and thousands of pounds or you could make a bit extra to help pay the bills. Understand the different ways to maximise your own ideas. Research many famous influencers or qualified fitness individuals. People who have developed current platforms and make a success of it like Joe Wicks, James Smith, Courtney Black, Matt Roberts or Phil Learney. However, what is success, Money, instagram followers or a balance of work and private time.

There are many PT’s out there. Equally, there are millions of individuals who look for another options to get healthier. If they like your method or content (it is not always about the 6 pack) to change their lifestyle or lose weight they could become a follower, a subscriber to your email list or someone who doesn’t interact with your account/website but potentially could at a later date.

Every personal trainer has invested time and money in to gaining a PT qualification. Make the most of your ideas by undertaking this course along with the business workshop.

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